13 fall victim to Karachi violence


Two political activists and a woman were among 13 people killed in a fresh spree of targeted killing in the city on Wednesday, police said.
Two people were gunned down in an attack at a tea shop in Block M North Nazimabad by unidentified armed men.
Taimuria police said two men on a motorcycle targeted people sitting at Quetta Bolan Hotel.
The victims were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where they were identified as Sanobar Khan and Latif.
Sindh Home Minister has ordered closure of tea shops in city before 11 pm following the regular incidents of firing.
A man was shot dead and two others injured when unidentified bike riders opened fire at Baloch Hotel in Block 16, Gulistan-e-Jauhar.
Police said the victims were shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). The deceased was identified as 36-year-old Shafiullah.
In early hours of Wednesday, two bullet-riddled bodies of youth were found in gunny bags near the Karachi Medical and Dental College in North Nazimabad.
Taimuria SHO said the deceased appeared Pakhtun from physical appearance but their identity could not be ascertained.
Another dead body bearing torture marks was recovered from North Karachi Sector 5-J.
Bilal Colony SHO said the victim was identified as Rehan, 36 but the reason behind his murder could not be established.
The body of 40-year-old Amanullah was recovered from Karimabad Ghosht Market.
Azizabad DO said the victim was a resident of Chakiwara, Lyari and an activist of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).
A 28-year-old man was shot dead in No 8, Liaquatabad.
Liaquatabad police said the victim said to be activist of Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi (MQM-H).
The body of a 40-year-old woman was recovered from a garbage dump near Al-Asif Square. Sohrab Goth police said the woman was identified as Yasmeen, wife of Ajab Khan.
Another man was killed near Lal School in Ghas Mandi.
Garden SHO said the victim was identified as Zohaib, 25, son of Abdul Qadir.
A 40-year-old man, identified as Imam Bux, was gunned down at Bakra Piri Road, Lyari in the jurisdiction of Kalakot police station.
Another man, identified as Zaraq Gul, was shot dead near the KMC View Apartments in the limits of Sachal police station.
A 35-year-old man was gunned down near Bakri Pump in the Surjani Town Sector L-1.
Surjani SHO said the victim was identified as Nadeem, son of Abdul Hameed, and said to be correspondent of a newspaper.


  1. Où est le Premier ministre du pays Monsieur Gilani. Pourquoi les milliers d'agents de sécurité ne sont pas visibles. Comment se fait le premier ministre du Pakistan et le ministre en chef du Sind sont tellement impuissant. Est-ce que la ville de Karachi restera en otage à Monsieur Altaf Hussain.

  2. Translation:
    Where is the Prime Minister of the country Mister Gilani. Why the thousands of security personnel are not visible. How come the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Sindh are so helpless. Will the city of Karachi will remain hostage to Mr Altaf Hussain.

  3. Quel dommage. La ville de Karachi est coulissante à l'anarchie, mais cela ne dérange pas la tête du gouvernement de la république Monsieur Gilani. Enfer avec la politique de réconciliation.

  4. Où l'enfer est le premier ministre du pays.

  5. It is by all definition an anarchy in Karachi.
    It is incredible that the chief executive of the country who is the Prime Minister has never been seen taking any interest. This is pathetic attitude on the part of the prime minister of the country. At the same time the chief Minister of the province of Sindh is the chief executive of the province but he is good for nothing and has been marginalised and instead the representative of an ethnic party who is the governor of the province (in fact governor of Karachi) is running a parallel government. This is not seen anywhere in the world. Obviously, Ishrat Ebad is doing what his master Altaf Hussain asks him to do. How would one expect peace to return to Karachi. Never.

  6. Où l'enfer est le premier ministre du pays.

  7. Pour combien de temps l'effusion de sang va se poursuivre. Karachi est de saigner à mort. Le gouvernement n'existe pas. Le premier ministre du pays n'a jamais montré aucun intérêt à ce qui se passe à Karachi. M. Zardari, qui est le président de la République est obsédé par sa politique de réconciliation. Ville Alliance doit se heurter à des voyous d'un parti ethnique qui a détruit la paix à Karachi.

  8. Translation:
    For how long the bloodshed will continue. Karachi is bleeding to death. The government does not exist. The Prime Minister of the country has never shown any interest in what is happening in Karachi. Mr Zardari who is the president of the republic is obsessed with his policy of reconciliation. City Alliance must come up against thugs of an ethnic party who has destroyed peace in Karachi.

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