Why is Salman Khan worried?


Actor Salman Khan, who is known to act godfather to many newcomers in Bollywood, is spending sleepless nights over somebody. He provided Sonakshi Sinha with her first break in Bollywood, and her ‘Dabangg’ turned out to be a blockbuster. Of course, with the Salman factor, a movie can hardly not turn out to be a hit. However, the actor seems to be quite worried about Sonakshi Sinha these days. The actress’ weight seems to be bothering Salman a lot these days, and according to sources, he has asked the damsel to lose a lot of weight. Losing 30 kilos for ‘Dabangg’ wasn’t an easy task for Sonakshi, but that wasn’t enough. Now Salman has advised her to keep a strict check on her weight. Salman’s worries are not without reasons, it seems. The actor doesn’t want anything to go wrong in his ‘Dabangg 2’. And Sonakshi’s weight being the issue, Salman is taking no risk now.