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US to provide $ 110 m for securing Pakistan’s western borders

The United States (US) will provide $110 million to Pakistan in an attempt to support its efforts for securing country’s western borders against drug and other trafficking. In this regard Waqar Masood Khan, Secretary, Economic Affairs Division and Cameron Munter Ambassador of U.S.A signed an agreement here on Monday. US Government through Narcotics Affairs Section of US Embassy will provide US $ 110 million to ongoing activities under Border Security, Law Enforcement, judicial Reforms and Counter Narcotics projects to support Government of Pakistan towards its efforts to secure its western borders against drug and other trafficking, militancy, criminals and other forms of organized cross border criminal activity that undermine the security and sovereignty of Pakistan.
These programmes will enhance the capabilities of Pakistan civil law enforcement agencies under the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Narcotics Control and other law enforcement agencies through the provision of training, technical assistance, and commodities; and the creation & improvement of infrastructure and training & residential facilities.

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    Yep, lets secure Pakistan borders when we can't even secure our own. Obama is worthless

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