KSBL’s executive education programme starts today


The Karachi School for Business and Leadership (KSBL) is organising a two-day executive education programme on creating high-performance teams.
An announcement issued on Monday said that the programme would be conducted on Tuesday (today) and Wednesday by Dr Milan Pagon, Professor of Management at the College of Business Studies of the Al Ghurair University in Dubai.
The course has been designed for top- and middle-management executives who have significant people-management responsibilities across both the public and private sectors and would provide insights into building high-performance teams through state-of-the-art research in neuroscience and organisational behaviour, said the organisers of the programme.
This programme is designed to help increase the level of understanding of group dynamics in organisations, help develop new perspectives on how to manage teams and create engagement, and help develop an understanding of effective team building, they added.
Dr Milan Pagon is also currently involved with the University of Iowa’s neuro-leadership development programme in Italy.
He has, in the past, taught in the USA at the University of Iowa and the University of Arkansas as well as the University of Maribor in Slovenia.
His areas of research are leadership competencies and stress management, and his papers have been published in The Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Organisational Behaviour, and Applied Psychology among others. He is also a member of the editorial boards of Stress and Health, and of the Neuro-Leadership Journal.