Zardari gives nod to craft ‘Seraiki bank’


President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday said that he would advise the government to set up a separate Seraiki bank and asked businessmen and entrepreneurs from south Punjab to submit a formal proposal for it within a week.
During a meeting with businessmen from south Punjab at the Prime Minister’s House here, Zardari said the Seraiki bank will address the financial issues of south Punjab businessmen.
He said that in the past banks had been manipulated for political ends, but the government was aimed at ensuring a financial system that could not be manipulated against political opponents.
Presidential spokesman Senator Farhatullah Babar said that while discussing the economy and overall economic situation, the president said that the war on terror, and natural calamities had adversely impacted the country’s economy.
He said he had been actively pleading with the international community for more trade opportunities.
The president said the government was aware that power shortage was among the major issues faced by the business community and industrialists. He said the government was making all-out efforts to overcome the power crisis by exploring all possible avenues.
Zardari reiterated his call to the business community to assist the government in rationalising and broadening the tax net to provide relief to the small businessmen and traders, and simultaneously to strengthen the economy. “The business community not only needs to assist the government in policy formulation process, but should also own the economic policies for ensuring their continuity,” he said.
He said south Punjab had great potential for the export of fruits and the government was making all efforts to facilitate the growers and exporters of fruits, especially of mangoes. He said the government had also planned to establish Mango Pack House and cold storage common facility centres in Multan.
The president said that limited job opportunities in the area and poverty were the main factors that provided militants and extremists an opportunity to mislead the youth and misuse their talent for their nefarious objectives.
He said he had asked the prime minister to start consultations with all political parties for making a separate Seraiki province to honour people’s demand.


  1. Here is another oppurtunity for him to make a few million before some brave General overthrows this govt. and hangs his corrupt ass.

    • You are inhabitant of FOOLS' PARADISE. The days of generals overthrowing government are gone. Your JANET will never return or otherwise this country will be lost.

  2. @KamranI see ur stupid comments everywhere in Pakistan Today. From ur ideas one feels u live in era of 1980.

    • I'm glad to know that you are not a total illeterate and can read my comments. My next wish would be that you would say something that makes sense and has some reasoning behind it instead of jumping up and down like a baboon.

  3. Aptly said: "democracy is the best revenge," right? However, I wonder who is being targeted now? I do hope that it is just Punjab being made to suffer for committing a cardinal crimes to vote PPP in again and again and NOT the economy of Pakistan!

  4. I wonder why we are adamant to have democracy in our country; the that is progressing the most in the world today is China a socialist dictatorship. Lets just throw out the concept of democracy per se and move on. But not without hanging zardari gillani nawaz shahbaz and others

  5. Nothing wrong for making a new bank, but what message is being given to create bank on language dialect basis? Bank of Multan, or Bank of Bahawalpur would be more appropriate.
    one the same note, Sick of people who wants to devide only Punjab but not Sindh or other provinces! Either Punjab shouldnt be devided or division on the basis of administration applied to all Pakistan states! fair and square!

  6. Why not a Greater Karachi Metropolitican Bank and a seperate province, when Sind is the only province where there is a seperate quota for Urban and Rural in existence, which clearly emphasises the divide.

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