Agri forum vies to save Pakistan


Construction of new dams will help Pakistan to produce 50,000 mega watt of electricity per annum besides lowering its import bill from present Rs 1563 billion to Rs 800 billion only. It would decrease our trade deficit also which would come down to Rs 700 billion from present Rs 1400 billion, claimed Agri Forum Pakistan Chairman Muhammad Ibrahim Mughal while addressing a seminar here on Saturday. The seminar was arranged by ‘Save Pakistan’ movement. He said that this year Pakistan imported human food worth Rs 463 billion while oil worth Rs 1100 billion was imported.
Ibrahim Mughal said that the construction of a single dam could bring down our import bill while also provide more water for irrigation helping increase the per acre yield of crops. While the electricity produced by this dam would be cheaper as compared to electricity produced through diesel while it would also bring down the consumption of diesel in the country. At present Pakistan was consuming 10 billion liter of diesel per annum which could bring down to 6 billion liter per annum.
He said that electricity produced by the dams would cost only Rs 2 per unit as compared to electricity produced through diesel which cost Rs 12 per unit. It would also ensure 24 hours availability of cheaper power to Pakistanis, he observed.
Agri Forum Chairman further said that the country needs 45,000 mega watt of electricity by year 2025, so Pakistan should start construction of new dams right now keeping in view this demand. He proposed that new dams could be constructed in joint venture with China or overseas Pakistanis. It would not only control the trade deficit but would also arrest the ever increasing inflation, improve the environment and create job opportunities for the countrymen besides making Pakistan self-reliant, he concluded.