Neutral umpires in cricket should stay: Aleem


Winner of three consecutive ICC Umpire of the Year awards in 2009, 2010 and 2011, Pakistan’s ICC Elite umpire Aleem Dar has rejected the suggestion that with the introduction of Decision Review System (Decision Review System), neutral umpires in cricket matches should be done away with. Dar said he doesn’t think the concept of neutral umpires in international cricket should be negated, and also appreciated former Pakistan captain Imran Khan’s idea of bringing neutral umpires to international cricket. When asked whether he thinks with the introduction of DRS and other technology in international cricket, neutral umpires should be done away with, Dar replied: “No I disagree. I must appreciate Imran Khan’s idea of bringing neutral umpires to international cricket.” “I’m very grateful that I’ve been the top ranking umpire for the last 3 years but the opportunity to umpire in the Ashes is just something special and I would not have had that opportunity if it had not been for the introduction of neutral umpires,” he added. “I feels more stress while umpiring in a match involving Pakistan than any others, including the extremely demanding Ashes series.” “Umpiring in the Ashes series is very tough due to the intensity, but I feel more pressure umpiring a match involving Pakistan than I do in any other match,” he said.


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