Power tariff decreased by Rs 2.67 per unit


Electricity rates have reduced for the first time in the history of the country as the Ministry of Water & Power issued a notification of a Rs 2.67 per unit decrease in the power tariff for domestic consumers on Thursday. It was decided in the Energy Conference that electricity rates will be reduced for up to 100 units consumption. Officials said the reduction will only be implemented for domestic consumers. The new tariff will be implemented in the next electricity bills.


  1. good step! really appreciated!!

    but i hope ppl of Pakistan understand that its too late to get this stunt cashed for the votes in next elections.

  2. What a fraud?You increase after 1oo units for middle class and safaidposhs.You kill them and relieve the 'the kunda baz,frauds,so called poor looking in apparel and appearence but millionaires-multi millionaires living in 'kachi-basti,two-three marla houses.Shame on this government which is now playing election stunting on daily basis till next election.Imrans' stupid-arrogant lone stances will heavily cost the nation.He seems to support the criminal coalition ruling cartel which he pretends not to.

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