Imad beat Naseeb in a marathon match


Matches in two categories were played on Tuesday in the 3rd Atlas Honda Cup Tennis Championship here at Model Town Sports Club, Lahore.
Match of the day was between Imad Qamir and Shah Naseeb in boys singles under 18 years category which took 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the final stage. Both the promising up-coming players of Govt College, Lahore showed excellent game skills and long rallies through out the match. This match was recorded the most longish match of today’s schedule and attracted large number of audience around the court. Both players were stuck at the base line and were playing with defensive strategy which was the reason in producing some very long rallies.
At love-30, Shah Naseeb once again came-up with strong first serve and managed to get two points. However, Imad who looked more determined broke the service game by taking rest of two points followed by holding his own service game.
He won the first set 7-5. 2nd set was started in different fashion and Imad started making unforced errors providing his opponent a lead of 3-love. At this stage Shah Naseeb could not held his Service game and same was done by Imad . Both the players once again started to stick with first set strategy and started playing defensively . Shah Naseeb who looked more determined in 2nd set , won this set by six games to three. The 3rd and final set was not much different from the first one however the only difference was that both players were seemed extremely tired and pace of the game was not as fast as in the first set . Imad won the match with score line 7-5,3-6,7-5.
Results Men’s Singles .
Shehzad khan beat Irfan-Ullah Khan 6-2,6-2, Malik Abdul Rehman beat Sana Ullah Khan 6-3,6-1, Saad mubarik beat Hassan riaz 6-4,6-3, Imran Shoukat beat Faizan Khuram 6-4,6-4, Heera Ashiq beat Ahmed Ch 6-2,6-2. Rashid Malik beat Zohair Raza 6-2,6-2, Jabran Ul Haq beat Adeel saif 6-2,4-6,6-4.
Results Boys Singles Under 18
Imad amer beat Shah Naseeb 7-5,3-6,7-5, M. Mudassir beat Abdul wahab 6-0.60, Shayan tarik beat Hafiz Arbab 6-1,6-6, Raja Shahid beat Ali haider 6-1,6-3, Bilal ahmed beat Hassan shoukat 6-4,6-4, M.Adnan beat Shoib Khan W.O, M.Muzam,il beat Jalal Gilani 6-2,6-2, Hasnain Manzoor beat Hassan khursheed 6-1,6-1,M.Ahmed beat hasher farook 6-2,6-0, Hashim Khan Ayaz Khan 6-1,6-1, Syed Nofil kaleem beat Ubaid Khan 6-0,6-3, Faisal Iqbal Rauf Iqbal 6-2,6-3, Hafiz Shiraz M.sardar 6-2,6-1, Ahmad Babar beat Ali Talib WO.