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Youth wants peaceful and progressive Pakistan: Bilawal

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Monday said the youth in Pakistan, which is over 60 percent of the population wants to see a peaceful, prosperous and progressive Pakistan.
Addressing the concluding session of the first ever summit on the subject of “Pakistan’s Leaders of Tomorrow (PakLOT), an interactive session organized by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at the Presidency, he said, “We must demand more from our older generation, we must demand peace.”
Recalling her mother Benazir Bhutto, Bilawal said she was assassinated by terrorists therefore, he knew the pain felt by innocent men, women and children who have lost their loved ones. About the sacrifices of army in the war against terror, the PPP chairman said, “I feel the pain of our brave soldiers fighting on the front lines risking their lives so our generation can live in peace.”
Bilawal said there are some politicians who bury their heads in the sand and pretend “this is not our war” adding that he refused to engage in this ostrich politics because unlike them he knew what it is like to be a victim of terror. He said the enemies within have blown up girls schools and are threatening the future of the Pakistanis. They blew up a school bus carrying innocent children whose only crime was to seek an education, he added.
Referring to government’s strategy of dialogue, deterrence and development, Bilawal said, “We have regained Swat from terrorists”. He said he is proud that the government shut NATO routes and vacated the Shamsi base in reaction to an attack on sovereignty of the country.
Bilawal hoped that the parliament will demand foreign policy based on equality unlike the dictator before who took orders from a single phone call and signed secret deals that compromised national integrity. He said, “we are equally outraged when our own citizens bring shame and dishonor to our country” with terrorist activities. “We condemn equally the butchery of our Shia brothers in Gilgit, the murder of our people of different ethnicities in Karachi, the killings of our fellow Pakistanis in Balochistan and the persecutions of Christians, Hindus and other Pakistani minorities,” he added. He said, “We demand justice for all victims.”
Highlighting the importance of youth, Bilawal said,”We all stand united.

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