Awan seeks exemption from personal appearance


An application seeking exemption from personal appearance before the Supreme Court in contempt of court case was filed by former law minister Babar Awan on Monday.
The application was filed by Awan’s counsel Ali Zafar. The Supreme Court has to frame contempt charge against Awan today (Tuesday).
Zafar contended in the application that his client intended to have medical checkup during his recent visit to India until April 17, thus he may be exempted from personal appearance on medical grounds before the court in the contempt case. According to senior lawyers, the Supreme Court could not indict a contemnor in his absence so the application with a plea for exemption from personal appearing before the court in the case seems to be justified but at the same moment it is discretion of the court to allow or reject the application. Earlier on April 2, due to unavailability of Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq, the court had adjourned the hearing in the contempt of court case against Awan and fixed April 10 for framing contempt charge against him.


  1. Don't let the secret out. If criminals find out that they can dictate to the court when and if they will appear in court and the courts will happily oblige them, they all may want to move to Pakistan. Oh! Wait!! They already have. zardai and gillani are not only here they managed to con their way into the most powerful positions in the country.

  2. Side be side his educational credentials need to be verified. His law degrees are also doubtful. He misused his authority to the last end now must stand before the court to defend his outbursts. but will something happen?

  3. Suddenly almost all those who er expected to appear in the front of the supreme court are reporting sick. f,eg Atizaz , Haqqani, Awan. Are there others around?

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