Fashion Pakistan proudly welcomes you to the third Fashion Pakistan Week. Pakistan’s most powerful and influential designers are all under one roof for one week only in Fashion Pakistan Week 3. This is a one in a lifetime experience for all those who appreciate and understand high fashion at its best. Fashion Pakistan Week is ready to show the entire industry and media who the real designers of the fashion industry are. It’s the official fashion event of this year. Fashion Pakistan Week is the country’s first and largest platform providing a much-needed boost to Pakistan’s fledgling fashion industry. This council’s objective is to show the world that the Pakistan fashion industry is a force to be reckoned with and was created to promote and support Pakistani fashion in the global marketplace. As a part of the Council of International Fashion Designers, Fashion Pakistan Week members represent a major segment of the design fraternity working together to encourage, promote and facilitate the development and growth of the fashion industry and make it competitive in international markets by building on relationships with buyers both overseas and domestic, establishing and strengthening ties with foreign designers. Fashion Pakistan Week achieved their first landmark with the huge success of Fashion Pakistan Week 1 and 2. It not only opened new vistas for the council, but also reinforced the council’s trust in the fact that nothing is impossible. It encouraged others to take the plunge and, as a result, Fashion Pakistan Week has sent a recent plethora of fashion weeks in Pakistan. Fashion Pakistan has grown over time, and more and more designers keep joining the platform. This has encouraged the council to set sights higher and provide the impetus to organise another event that is even bigger in proportion to the previous two. At the time of its inception, Fashion Pakistan had some very clear objectives that we strive to fulfil to the best of our capabilities. As a company whose board is democratically elected, by the designer, for the designer, Fashion Pakistan is the fashion fraternity’s representative body. Fashion Pakistan Week’s primary objective is to educate, empower and encourage designers and promote traditional crafts.


  1. where is the fashion week pakistan in karachi being held. i wanted to attend. please anyone who could tell me

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