Why are all these students killing themselves? | Pakistan Today

Why are all these students killing themselves?

Foundation for Education & Rehabilitation of Slow Children (FRESH) Secretary General Ashba Kamran has expressed concerns over rising trend of suicides among students on failing to get through annual exams. She said the suicide incident of three students in Dir, Northern Areas, was tragic one, due to factors relating to learning difficulties. According to her, the learning difficulties among students were hampering the success rate among students due to factors like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia. She said there was concept of remedial education in public sector schools, causing learning problems in a large number of students.
Ashba deplored that the government was doing nothing in dealing with such students, leading to horrible consequences including suicide among innocent students. She said there was urgent need of creating awareness on learning difficulties among children and students of every age group to secure future of Pakistan. She said FRESH has recently launched awareness campaign with the name of Pakistan Association for Difficulties in Learning (PADIL). She said objective of PADIL is to prepare society to understand the problem of learning difficulties and help out students in stabilising their education and practical career onwards. Secretary General FRESH has urged the people, policy-makers and government to support PADIL in creating awareness on learning difficulties and save the children from extreme steps including suicide.

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