Khan condemns govt’s negligence in Gilgit and Chilas


The situation in Gilgit and Chilas is getting from bad to worse, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan said on Saturday.
Commenting on horrendous story of death and destruction coming out of Gilgit-Baltistan, Khan said there were reports of over 200 people being killed in the last three days in a horrific escalation of violence. He expressed his condolences to the families of the diseased and expressed deep sympathy with their plight. “The extent of barbarity has extended to physically distorting the dead bodies. This shows the extent of hatred between sects prevalent in GB.”
According to the PTI chairman, the government is simply incapable of containing the violence or even providing basic security to the people in the area. “All it has done is to make life further miserable. All communication with GB and mobile phones within, have been disconnected, curfew has been imposed, and ground and air transportation between GB and rest of Pakistan has been blocked. The result is that serious shortage of foodstuffs and other necessities has started to appear.” He said the situation had reached this sorry pass because the federal government, which was ultimately responsible for security in the country, was not only corrupt but also totally incompetent. “Sectarian violence has also been flaring up in Balochistan where members of the Hazara Shia community are the victims. This is also true of other parts of the country. Karachi is again witnessing brutal killings with serious danger of the situation deteriorating rapidly.”
“As far as Gilgit-Baltistan is concerned no senior official or political office holder has bothered to visit the area. Interior Minister Rehman Malik keeps issuing inane statements but his record of giving the citizens peace and security in GB and rest of the country is abysmal.”
He said PM Gilani was either busy taking on state institutions such as the Supreme Court, or protecting the corrupt, adding that he had no time to spare to provide security and good governance to the country. “The less said about the president the better. He is busy touring the world, the expense of which is being borne by the poor people of Pakistan,” Khan said. The PTI chairman said the incompetent government was responsible for the barbarity going on in Gilgit-Baltistan. Unless quick and effective measures were not taken, he said, the entire area would fall into a grip of violence that would be impossible to contain. Khan urged immediate action and said Gilani should camp in Gilgit until the situation was controlled. He said the PTI on its part would play a role to bring peace in the area and a high-level delegation of the party would soon be visiting Gilgit.


  1. I agree with IK, wish Paksitan Govt spend $ million on better roads & Rescue setup than for a shrine. Even same amount of money would have addressed load shedding for next quarter. Shame on PPP mindest.

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