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ZAB strengthened democracy: Gill

PPP leader Ch Aslam Gill has said that Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto strengthened democracy and the country’s labourers, students and farmers were enjoying the fruit of democracy due to the efforts and sacrifices rendered by Shaheed Bhutto and his party.
Addressing a meeting of PPP workers to mark the martyrdom day of the founding chairman of the party, he said Shaheed Bhutto declined to bow before the military dictator.
He accepted gallows in the struggle for the rights of the downtrodden classes of the society.
He said PPP has always promoted the policy of reconciliation, forbearance and tolerance instead of going for confrontation, said Aslam Gill. However, he regretted, some elements were conspiring to derail democracy, but they would fail in their designs, He expressed with confidance that PPP would come into power again after the next general election. He said the credit of giving voice, empowering people and their enhanced participation in politics goes to Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Shaheed Bhutto served the country immensely. He gifted the country consensus Constitution of 1973. Pakistan Steel Mills, Nuclear programme, Heavy Mechanical Complex Taxila, Gill said.

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