German journalists visit Nine Zero


A delegation of Deutscher Pressevertrieb DPV (German Press and Journalists Association) paid a visit to the MQM Headquarters Nine Zero and met with the party’s Coordination Committee Deputy Conveners Dr Farooq Sattar and Senator Mrs Nasreen Jalil.
The German journalists including Hilde Regenitor, Markus Schwarz and Arnufl Stofel discussed the political, economic and financial conditions of Pakistan during the meeting that lasted for over two hours. MQM Coordination Committee members Kunwar Khalid Yunus and Senator Mustafa Kamal were also present on the occasion.
Briefing the visiting journalists about the political ideology and philosophy of MQM chief Altaf Hussain and the causes behind the formation of the MQM, Sattar told the delegation about the services of the MQM for strengthening democracy in the country and the efforts being made by the MQM for abolishing the decaying feudal system and culture of hereditary politics.
Dr Sattar also informed the German delegation about the party’s welfare programmes and said that the MQM is the only political party in the country that has its origin and roots in the middle-class people.
The delegation expressed sorrow on the injustices done to the MQM and lauded the practical efforts being made by it for promoting democracy in the country.
The delegation also visited the SUN Academy and the Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation.


  1. Translation of above comment: The puppets of Altaf in Karachi are busy bringing foreigners in the safe house of the terrorists and explaining the philosophy of founder of MQM.
    Which philosophy they are talking about? Is it the philosophy of blackmailing and extortion. Is it the philosophy of instilling fear into their opponents. Is it the philosophy of murdering innocent people. These puppets in Karachi think that visitors from West and North America are stupid and they will believe their philosophy?
    Altaf Hussain definitetly worthy of receiving Doctorate in Philosophy degree for all his fantastic actions so far. He should get Nobel Peace Price

  2. MQM is a terrorist organization as declared by the Canadian court & CIA. Full of thugs & extortion mafia

    kiran abro

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