Christians observe Good Friday


The Christian community across the world observed Good Friday to recall the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on this day. The city’s churches were crowded with parishioners during the special worship services held. The worshipers marked the day recalling the pain and patience of Jesus Christ on the cross. Christian citizens from all parts of city including women, children and nuns heard special sermons while participating in solemn services. Good Friday is commemorated on the Friday before Easter Sunday which is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after his crucifixion. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s passion, crucifixion and death, as told in the Christian Bible.
Processions were held in honour of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for humanity in preparation for his resurrection. All 433 churches in Lahore drew large numbers of worshipers. Security arrangements for the churches were also beefed up, for fear of any terrorist activity.