Punjab govt mulling detaining Hafiz Saeed, Lakhvi


The government of Punjab is seriously considering to detain religious leaders Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and his second-in-command Abdur Rehman Lakhvi after the US announced bounty on Saeed the other day. Pakistan is in trouble after the announcement of a $10 million bounty for the chief of Jamatud Dawa (JD), a religious organization based on Ahl Hadith school of thought. The security of the leader has already been extended as fears have risen over the threat to his life. Sources in the Punjab Home Department said it had been informed to the JD leaders to limit their activities. “Initially they would be detained for 30 days and if they were not taken in custody, the US could take a step to harm them,” they revealed. “President Asif Ali Zardari will go to India in the coming days.
And before his tour, the US deputy foreign minister announced in Spain that it might be possible that they would ask Zardari to arrest Hafiz Saeed,” he sources said. “Before the arrest demand, pressure could be increased to force Zardari to give any statement about arrest during his Indian tour,” the sources added.