Physical activity increases after retirement: study


The amount of physical activity you performed when you’re older may have to do with whether or not you’ve retired, a new study suggests.
In a survey of 40- to 60-year-old employees of the city of Helsinki, Finland (and a corresponding five- to seven-year follow-up), researchers determined that women retirees spent 31 more minutes per week engaged in moderate-intensity leisure-time physical activity than non-retirees, while retired men spent 42 more minutes per week than non-retired men, Health News Reported.
Researchers controlled for disabled retirees, looking only at people who retired because of age.
Staying physically active may be the key to maintaining a good quality of life in old age, previous research has suggested. This study indicates planning for a secure retirement might be the best way to make sure you have the time to stay healthy in your later years.