Police rob man of Rs 140,000!


A citizen of South Waziristan, currently residing in Dera Ismail Khan, Wednesday said he was deprived by police personnel of Rs 140,000 cash in Lahore near Daewoo Bus Stop. Amir Muhammad Mehsud, who went to Lahore for buying electronics equipment for his shop in Dera Ismail Khan, was traveling in a taxi car after disembarking from Daewoo bus in Lahore when around five police personnel in plain clothes stopped him. Amir Muhammad told INP that one of the cops checked his cash, another checked his handbag, while another cop was talking to someone on wireless telephone set. He said the police checked all his documents and set him free and told their colleagues on wireless set that they were releasing him. Amir Muhammad charged that after reaching the hotel he counted the money and was shell shocked to know that only Rs 40,000 were left in his pocket of the total Rs180,000, which meant that Rs140,000 were stolen by the cops.