Text messaging corrupting youth


The advancement in science and technology has provided such facilities and comfort which the people had never experienced earlier, as people can now talk with their relatives and friends without paying much. One can witness mushroom growth of the social activities like face book, twitter, flicker and many others but an innovative service which has gripped the population especially the youth, is the mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) obsession.
The use of this innovative service is increasing day by day and goes unchecked as our young generation is being destroyed from within and their moral, social, educational, financial and the most important the worthiness of time is also wasted in remaining idle while only chatting with others via free SMS package.
Muhammad Rahim Khan, a father of four children told APP here on Monday that our youth has provided with the thousands of SMS to be sent daily on cheap rates so they are seen busy all the time while talking with friends unnecessarily.
“No one is bothered to keep a check on them. Parents are worried about its growing trend which engulfing more youth towards it,” he said. As per estimates, billions of SMS are being shared between users of all mobile phone companies in the country every year. Cell phone companies are facilitating the users as they have provided them with the cheap SMS service and every one can benefit from the opportunity.
“Now there are more than 10 million users of mobile phone in Pakistan and it has now also become a vast and better mass media outlet because Television users are 8 billion, lesser than the former,” said a mobile phone user, Ahmad Kamal.
Sharing the worries and grievances of this social problem, another parent, Nazeer Ahmad said propaganda has now taken grip as well. Every day funny and strange message are mushrooming from one cell phone to millions of others.
He said residents in developed people have got even better services of cell phone, messaging and communication system and they have long been using it relevantly and for their needs and as facility. They utilize for special purpose like business and many other important works. But if we observe the same situation in Pakistan, people have taken it as a big blessing for fun, useless things and spend host of their precious time while using it. They do not care for time which is of utmost importance in this modern age.
In some countries a ban has been placed on sending more than 100 SMS per day which is a very good move for their youth because they say in this way their youth will be a bit save from the miseries of wasting time.
But here in our country youngster are having the mania of SMS and they get daily as much message package as they can from mobile phone companies but no such type of thing can be seen. Youth are our asset and need here is that the policy makers should pay immediate attention to this growing bad habit. There must be a mechanism of using SMS and its usage without any purpose should be controlled.
Rawal Town acts against
encroachments: The Rawal Town Municipal Administration Rawalpindi on Monday conducted operation against encroachments in different parts of city and confiscated goods with load of two trucks.
During raids, 15 shopkeepers were also fined Rs 1500 each on the spot. According to Rawal TMA, mobile squad raided different areas including Liaqat Road, Iqbal Road, College Road,Bara Bazaar, Commercial Market, Sadiqabad and Muslim Town. It stated that duties of inspectors were being rotated on daily basis to make the drive successful.


  1. Wow, some ppl are so much free time on their hands that they will go thru the trouble of compiling useless data such as this. FYI, maybe you should turn your attention to those who are more towards corrupt dealings such as ministers and so-called law enforcers

  2. We should ban all technology and start living in the stoneage. Maybe then the youth will not get corrupted !!!!
    If you are so concerned, then don’t buy your child a cell phone, just like we don’t allow our children to watch too much TV. Or if you have to, then make sure you keep a check on their usage and billing.
    Cell companies are merely offering you better packages. If you don’t approve of them, don’t use it.

  3. Horrible, horrible english.

    Quote: “…people have taken it as a big blessing for fun…”

    i guess fun is something which is unacceptable.

  4. You dont anything else to corrupt anybody where Zardari is president, Gilani is PM. and PEE PEE PEE is in government

  5. Texting unnecessarily is a wastage of time for sure. But it aint corrupting the youth. It's merely making them forget the value of time and in person communication.

  6. a vry biased report indeed.. n the reporter didn't even bother to elaborate exactly which countries hav put a ban on number of sms's sent.. or a better question for the writer, how many sms's do u exchange while working???

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