Pakistan will not arrest Hafiz Saeed


Pakistan will not arrest Hafiz Saeed, the founder of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), despite the United States putting his name on the list of ‘most wanted terrorists’ and announcing a reward of $10 million for him. The United States has also announced a reward of $2 million for another senior leader of JuD, Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki.
India has welcomed the US decision saying it had proven its position that Hafiz Saeed and his organization were involved in Mumbai attacks of November 2008 and other acts of terror. However, Pakistani authorities are unlikely to take any action against the JuD leaders unless they are given what they call sound evidence against Hafiz Saeed and his other aides’ involvement in terrorism. There was no formal reaction in Islamabad to the US decision, but a senior Pakistani official seeking anonymity said, “We cannot arrest our nationals on the basis of hearsay and to please India. If India and US have any undeniable evidence which can stand the scrutiny of a judicial process then they should share with us.”
Earlier, Interior Minister Rehman Malik told a private news channel that the government of Pakistan had not received any communication from US on Hafiz Saeed through formal diplomatic channels so he would not comment on this issue. The official, who requested not to be named, however, said, “Putting a bounty on the two people, in our judgment, is an exercise in utter futility and nothing more than becoming hostage to India’s machinations.” Meanwhile talking to Pakistan Today, JuD spokesman Yahya Mujahid said, “The US authorities have done this because they are angry and frustrated over strong public reaction to drone strikes and the likely reopening of NATO supply lines in Pakistan on the call of JUD.” He said, “The whole world knows that Hafiz Saeed and Abdur Rehman Makki are not hiding in caves and they are rather popular leaders of Pakistan. They are busy in welfare activities for the people of this country.”
He said, “JuD will not come under any pressure and such cowardly acts could not deter it from fighting for what it believes is right thing to do.” A diplomatic source said that the US decision to announce bounty on Hafiz Saeed could make the job of Pakistani government further difficult which is facing resistance inside the parliament and also on the roads outside against the likely reopening of NATO supplies. “This act by the United States is likely to harm further the stained ties between Islamabad and Washington,” he said, wishing not to be named.


  1. OBL, Salala and, now, Saeed (the ISI nurtured homegrown militant leader, who lives openly in Lahore and travels freely)…

    US made the point. Happening at the time Pak trying to smart on NATO supply and drones. Bad days for Pak establishment…

  2. Soon the pakistani generals will get on tele and declare that Hafeez Saeed in 'in the Afgh-pak brder region or dead' just like Gen. Mush and others had been saying about OBL. Drones where art thou?

  3. It seems the whole exercise is to please New Delhi.He is not wanted in Pakistan as India has failed to provide concerete evidence against him to Pakistan. U.S story is also based on suspession not facts. On U.S website he is declared as "suspected". It is notable that U.S court sentenced Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai a few days earlier and now Hafiz Saeed is put on wanted fugitives list.More or less it is an exercise to twist Pakistan's arm to behave and submissive his mastewr's orders to open Nato supplies route to Afghanistan .Remember once Yasir Arfat, Nelson Mandela and Subash Chandra Bose were declared terrorists by their enemies.It is an old habit of all oppressors.

  4. It is better for our establishment to send Hafiz Saeed to FATA where he can negotiate with Mr. Drone for the future of our country and relationship with other 47 countries who are now part of NATO.

  5. Nothing good can come for people of pakistan by supporting such terrorists and being in denial. If you feed such rogue dogs it will be a matter of time when it turns around and bites you in your ass…… By the way theres not much left because many of the terrorist dogs have already taken a large chunk already.

  6. Evidence is required to charge someone. In absence of any, even I can call Indian PM a terrorist which would entirely by my opinion rather than fact. I appreciate Pakistan Government's move of not arresting it's national based on mere words of mouth be it from U.S.A. or India or anyone.

    @Worldpeas: If you have concrete evidence then also I would suggest calling someone names is not an ethical thing to do. It shows ones moral values and then I would further suggest to look at your own character first before pointing fingers.

  7. The saying is true for all terrorist KUTTE KI MAUT like OBL. See no one can save these dogs kill everyone for the world peace.

  8. @Moderator: There is more evidence about LeT and its activities than implication of OBL in 9/11. Even when Indian police killed all those Pak trained terrorists who attacked the parliament there was denial. And after all this time when you still have the living proof of Hafeez trained and sponosored terror in Mumbhai you still deny.
    And didnt they deny about OBL being in Pakistan as well?? This kind of conniving attitude is quite pathological and should be quite an embarrassment to the people of Pakistan who deserve better. But dont expect the world to keep quiet and not take any actions. NOW THE WORLD HAS HAD ENOUGH AND DOESNT NEED YOUR APPROVAL IN WHAT CONSTITUTES PROOF.
    Moreover the same denial of Pakistan about terrorist activity and support has put the country in such a grave situation, the very same terrorists who were being hailed in the country are killing their own people. What has this attitude done to the people of Pak?? In the end you dont want Pak to become the second Afghanistan. Infact it will be a lot worse than Afghanistan because Pakistan will end up having to deal with the US, India and your own terrorists.

  9. @Moderator: Hope this comment is published and not censored.

    There is more evidence about LeT A.K.A. JUD/hafeez and its activities than implication of OBL in 9/11. Even when Indian police killed all those Pak trained terrorists who attacked the parliament there was denial. And after all this time when you still have the living proof of Hafeez trained and sponosored terror in Mumbhai you still deny. Wait didnt they deny that OBL was in Pakistan? Looks like this kind of conniving is pathological. Just because Pak establishment has this disease US and India dont want to suffer….. And moreover this is a matter of terrorism in a foreign country. So this is a totally different matter and will be dealt with in a completely different manner. And do you really think about what Pakistan thinks is a reasonable way to deal with terror?? after all that has happened??

    • @world peas have no sense to use,they also want to kill muslims,and make there god(america) happy..ALLAH HELP U HAFIZ SB.Dont feel any fear frm ramind davis,ALLAH with u..

  10. I can clearly inform that Pakistan is in the primary black list (Terrorist) The whole world is watching. Pakistan is not smart in thinking, but only smart in terrorism. The recent flood smashed away a part of pakistan. Pakistan can make ice candy , because they themselves does not knew that ice candy will melt as soon as it exits from the freezer.

    There is clear support from US that who ever make hindrance to India, such countries will be severely taken action.

    Since the days of Pre-independance India is believing in peace. We want peace not only in our country, but for the whole world.

    Why Pakistan should give room to Osama bin laden. This itself is a clear proof that Pakistan is involved in Terrorism.

    Most of the Pakistanis do not stay at their own country, they do split across the globe, why ? Because there is daily tensions at Pakistan. In order to free from their mental tensions, they do go and earn their bread.

    In a nut shell I once again reiterate that at any pressures that we may face, but not afraid to pakistan. Pakistan does afraid for India, but make film as if they do not afraid.

    Prophet (sas) Himself clearly declared that one should take care of their boarders.

    Most of our income is spent to defense dept, only to safe guard the pupil from an enemy.

    Why pakistan wants blood shed? instead of peace.

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