British varsity team positive about Pakistan


A 14-member British University cricket team has reached the city on a weak long tour to play a couple of matches against the Pakistan under-19 and some local teams. The arrival of the British youngsters has also dispelled the impression in the west that the Pakistan is not a safe country to visit and that has also agreed by the captain of the British University team.
Intikhan Alam, director NCA, said thanked the visiting team and underlined the PCB keenness to host an international team. “The PCB is doing great efforts to bring cricket back to Pakistan. PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf is very keen to see international teams playing in Pakistan against and everyone is trying its best in this regard,” said Pakistan’s former captain. Kamal, one of the members of the team who assembled players from different universities including MCC and army, said: “When you the picture from outside in the media it is distorted in many ways until you come to the country and see for yourself what is going on and then realize there is nothing to worry about and its only the hype and propaganda.”
“Secondly we are here as a charity. We raise money for charity and also as a good will gesture between Britain and Pakistan. We raise money for education in countries like Afghanistan.
“The main reason is not just cricket but an angle to show that Pakistan really needs cricket which is the most important thing in the country. (By depriving Pakistan of cricket) it is like taking oxygen out of the country. “The best thing I could do to gather cricketers from different organizations, the MCC, the Army, the charity to come to Pakistan and see for themselves that things are good here in Pakistan,” he added.
Rob Galamore, who is from the British Army, said that his perception about Pakistan was clear and positive. “We have seen nothing since we are here. I feel more safe here than in London. James, vice captain of the visiting team, said that they are under no illusion that they are going to be facing a very tough opposition. “The Pakistan team would be at the end of their season so their skills would be better horned and we would have just half a day to acclimatise so we are under no illusion. We have good talented players in our team and feel its going to be tough and we would try to give our best.
The visiting team will be playing two matches against the PCB under-19 on April 4 and 6 and on April 3 (today) they will open up their tour with a 25-overs match against Aitchison College cricket team. The British Universities Cricket Team arrived here on Monday to play two one-day games against PCB U-19 Team and both the matches are day games and will be played at Gaddafi Stadium. “We have also arranged several other tours for the team so that they could interact with the people and know for themselves that Pakistan is a save country to visit and play cricket,” said Intikhab.