Karachi violence finally gets president’s attention


Karachi is all set to have a garrison look as President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday took a strong exception to incidents of targeted killings, extortions and street crimes in the violence-hit commercial hub of the country.
Almost every day of the last week saw the city witnessing cold-blooded killings and socio-economic life coming to a grinding halt with over 50 people falling prey to politically-motivated targeted killings, dozens of vehicles being set on fire and trade and business incurring incalculable losses during the weeklong violence.
Monday being no exception saw the targeted killing of a PPP office bearer in the gang-war-fame Lyari neighbourhood, one of the city’s most volatile localities.
Chairing a high-level meeting of officials from the government and law enforcement agencies at Bilawal House, President Zardari ordered the security personnel to deal with the criminals with zero tolerance.
The president said the city of 180 million had badly been plagued by the menace of extortion and other street crimes with the life and properties of common man paralysed the most.
The president directed the concerned quarters to equip the police with aerial patrolling equipment as well as heavy-duty armoured personnel carriers (APCs).
The law enforcers would also be doing the “geo fencing” of various city neighbourhoods infected the most.
Among others, the meeting was attended by Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad Khan, Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, Home Minister Manzoor Wassan, Finance Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, Law Minister Muhammad Ayaz Soomro, Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Durrani, the Sindh IGP, Pakistan Rangers Sindh DG, IB DG and other senior federal and provincial government officials.
Meanwhile, the interior minister, who arrived on Saturday, called upon the media not to sensationalize the news regarding violence.
In a talk on Monday, the PPP’s major troubleshooter in Karachi, said the media should avoid spreading sensation by, what he termed it, the misreporting of facts regarding law and order in Karachi.
He claimed that there was no incident of targeted killing on Sunday, but he saw some of the newspapers reporting the killing of six people in targeted killing.
The interior minister claimed that those reported to have fallen prey to politically-motivated killings had died naturally or were shot dead out of personal enmities or accidents.


  1. "the cross firing between two rival groups"
    What rival groups? This whole stint was between the 'paid' police & the paid gang members residing in Lyari. They have always been paid by the government(s) to carry out their dirty work! When will the News tell the truth & not give pre-scripted documents to further trouble the public?!

  2. it is a shame for this very government that they are not even able to handle the situation only in one city.now instead of voting the party with ears and eyes closed ,think and ponder down and vote the right leader!

  3. Président de la République a pris connaissance de la situation du droit et de l'ordre de la ville de Karachi. Ce n'est pas nouveau. Le Président arrive à Karachi après de nombreux morts et appelle ensuite une réunion à laquelle M. Ishrat Ibad et le ministre de l'Intérieur Rehman sont présents et comme prévu, le président donne plus de concession à la partie-là même qui a détruit la paix de la ville.

  4. Translation of above comment: President of the Republic has now taken notice of the law and order situation of the city of Karachi. This is nothing new. The President arrives in Karachi after many deaths and then calls a meeting in which Monsieur Ishrat Ibad and the Interior Minister Rehman are present and as expected the President gives more concession to the very party who has destroyed peace of the city.

  5. Rehman Malik must be on drugs or he thinks ppl are stupid for him to suggest that deaths in karachi are natural. Whats hapening in karachi is crime and the government has failed to control. Anyways how do you expect them to catch the criminals if everytime Rehman Malik before the operation goes on national TV and makes announcement of the proposed operation. This governments has failed the ppl. People of pskistan plz wake up !

  6. GOVT has handed over the charge of karachi to ELITE FORCES Ranger and POLICE. its strange why they could not control and arrest all of those who are the responsible of this BLOODY situation. Innocents people are all targeted of violence?on International level image of HOUSE of LIGHTS is impressed badly

  7. Great next time no paintball shoot out.. Karachi should promote this activity to dare devils as tourism. Perhaps we should have our own real battle ground theme park… you got to give it to Karachities they really beat us in every aspect of life. The best of the best.. MQM zindabad..Altaf bhai please get on the phone after you have become drunk enough!!

  8. Call me ignorant, but don’t these bhata-khores (extortionists) and now terrorists belong to MQM, ANP and PPP ???
    Who all form the government ??? So why in the name of God they aren’t happy and letting the city be at peace.

    GUYS WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO BRING SOME CHANGE THIS COMING ELECTION. Please don’t vote for these devils again………………………

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