Underpass to be built at Pirwadhai soon


District Coordination Officer Saqib Zafar said on Saturday that an underpass would soon be built in Pirwadhai.
He said this while talking to a delegation of trainee officers who are receiving training at the Karachi National Institute of Management.
He said several mega projects had been completed and only a few were in pipeline. Projects to make the Choohar Chowk free of signals from both sides and construct an underpass to link the traffic from Peshawar to Pir Wadhai more with IJ Principal Road have been approved.
Locals stage protest against police: The locals staged a protest against the police for the escalating crime rates in the Gawalmandi area
The citizens complained to the Gawalmandi police regarding increasing crimes in the area, however, nothing has been done to overcome the situation.
The protestors said they are living in fear on account of these crimes. They stated that the crimes have become routine matters in the area. They claimed that the Gawalmandi police station in-charge was involved in taking bribes from the criminals. The residents demanded the authorities concerning to take strict action against the people responsible. Moreover, they demanded that the Gawalmandi police station in-charge be suspended.
pickpockets perturb locals: The growing numbers of pickpockets in public transport is escalating the trouble of the people particularly those traveling on route no 104 (Tarnol to Islamabad Secretariat). Hundreds of people travel through this route daily. The pickpockets are often active in rush hours by taking advantage of the hustle in public transport vehicles.
The pickpockets steal cash, purses, mobile phones and other valuable items from passengers. People appealed to the authorities concerned to take notice of the issue and to ensure the safety of the passengers. People protested against such kind of growing incidents and demanded immediate grand operations against pick pockets, as theft cases also increased in other routes.
Teachers deprived of
increments: The Punjab SES Teacher’s Association President said on Saturday that the government failed to provide departmental in-service increments to 4000 qualified teachers from Rawalpindi district and almost 90 thousand across the province. He said, “It is unjust to deprive teachers of their increments. He demanded that these teachers should be given their right of increment through the in-service quota system.
concern at poor sewerage system: Uncovered sewerage main holes are posing health hazards to the residents of the Khayaban Sir Syed Colony. The residents said that the main holes are lying open and filth gushes out from them all the day. They said the dengue fever season is ahead and stagnant water could become a breeding place for the dengue larva.
Meanwhile, the blocked sewerage lines give the look of filthy water ponds and these small ponds become breeding places for the mosquitoes. The residents appealed to the authorities concerned to improve the sewerage system in the area.
street crimes rising in
Jinnah Market: Citizens and traders have protested against growing incidents of kidnapping for ransom and street crimes in Jinnah Market due to the lack of security arrangements. 6 traders have become victims of kidnapping incidents so far, said Ishtiaq Ahmad, a trader.
One trader Ejaz Ahmad lost his life after being gunned down by robbers while the Jinnah Road Iron and Steel Association president Muhammad Afzal was also deprived of million of rupees in a robbery incident. “My purse was snatched by a young boy a few days back in the presence of many people but no one, not even the police helped me, said a lady teacher. Traders demanded stringent security system in the market otherwise they will be forced to hold protest rallies.
Free Pollen Allergy Relief Camp from April 3: The District administration has finalised the arrangements to set up a Free Pollen Allergy Relief Camp (FPARC) from April 3 at the Aabpara Community Centre.
Pollen allergy patients will be provided medicines free of cost in the camp and full relief will be extended to them. The Islamabad administration has set up the camp in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and philanthropists for the last nine years and thousands of allergy patients have benefited from this camp. The camp will function from 9 am to 4 pm and will remain open on Sunday. The facilities of three modes of treatment including allopathic, homeopathic and Tibb-e- Unani will be available for the patients Medical officers of district health office and paramedics will perform special duties in this camp.
UMS approved for more six post offices: Pakistan Post has accorded approval to launch urgent mail service in six more post offices in district Rawalpindi. The service will be introduced during the month of April. These post offices include Chak Beli Khan, Sikhu, Hayat Road, Jatli, Gudowal, Pindori and Nosarsarfo Pakistan Post has accorded approval to launch Urgent Mail Service in 6 more post offices at Rawalpindi. With the launch of this service, the residents of these areas will benefit from the fastest mail service like other areas of the country at lower rates at their door steps.