PM is habitual criminal, not shy of jails: Sheikh Rashid


Awami Muslim League Chairman Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Sunday that the prime minister is a habitual criminal, as he has been to jail before and ready to go again.
Holding a press conference on Sunday, Rashid said that the rulers had made a mockery of judicial verdicts and such examples were never seen in the past. He lamented that if Nawaz Sharif had accepted his advice, the nation would not have come across such a worst situation. “Pakistan has been overtaken by a gang of five, who are deciding fate of the nation,” he said, adding that through passage of 18th and 20th amendments, the rulers and opposition parties had not provided any relief to the general public.
The AML chairman claimed that all parties had signed recommendations of the parliamentary committee and now they were telling lies. About NATO supplies, he said that a referendum should be conducted to seek public opinion and warned that the government not to destroy the future of the youth. Rashid regretted that the country was passing through economical crises, as it was facing a financial loss of Rs 11 trillion while the poor masses were reeling under the pains of unemployment, corruption and price surge.
He warned that India was constructing dams upon rivers which were lifeline for Pakistan. Officers, who had plundered and looted national entities such as PIA, railways and others, had been posted in high offices in Islamabad. Praising Imran Khan, he said that the PTI leader would contest elections from his own platform; however, his entry had rung alarm bells for many opponents.


  1. The nation should hang its head in shame that they have elected convicted criminals as president and prime minister. I can't think of another civilized country in the world where a criminal would get elected to the highest office and be proud of his/her criminal past. If this is the best Pakistan can do, then God help Pakistan!!!

  2. This stobborn fackle-head has no shame at all. His own constituency people have slapped 3 tmes on his face in a short span time, but he has yet to draw any lesson. He must be hoping and praying for another dictatorship, since this is the only way for him to return to power corridores.

  3. Bijli, pani, gas nhn, aata, chawal, saal, ghee tale, mehnga Awam lenahein sakti, poray Pakistan ki MC BC, Magar har woh kanjar jo hukoomat ko vote deta tha ainda bhi ussi ko dega, wizarat e kanjar awam pakistan, khappay…

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