N-League responsible for load shedding in Punjab: Shujaat


Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Senior Federal Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi have said that the PML-N was responsible for severe load shedding in Punjab.
“Shahbaz Sharif sold the interest of Punjab for third time premiership for his brother Nawaz Sharif and their lust for power have thrown Punjab into dark ages,” the two leaders said while chairing a meeting of members of provincial and National Assembly from KP and FATA, district representatives of PML-Q and party workers.
Adviser to Prime Minister Syed Qasim Shah presented a resolution which reposed complete faith in the leadership of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and acknowledged that his visionary leadership brought successes to the party.
The participants seconded the resolution through a show of hand and resolved to fight every intrigue and treachery to harm the party. The participants through the resolution disassociated themselves from the elements who violated the party discipline.
The meeting was assured that the PML-Q would be reorganized in KP on democratic lines and party conventions would be held in all the cities of KP very soon.
Shujaat said he would visit FATA to address the problem of the region and bring it into mainstream politics. He said that PML-Q was a coalition partner of the government in centre and Sindh and Balochistan and the party was contemplating joining the KP government.
Parvez Elahi said the PML-Q was like a grand family where leaders and workers were respected, criticism was accepted with an open heart and valuable suggestions of the workers were incorporated in party decisions.
He was of the view that former PML-Q leader Amir Muqam fell from grace and time would tell that he took a wrong turn at a critical juncture of his political career.
Elahi said they should not lend ears to gossipmongers and keep a firm belief in the political acumen of the party leadership.


  1. I think if they stay on nawaz sharif on the issue of third premiership, they could crack him. Not that I like any of them but its coming down to making a choise between lesser evil.

  2. PPP is lesser evil than PMLN. Look what they r doing in Punjab, mega corruption on allotment of govt lands, embezzlement in laptops, tandoors and crime hike by 21% in Punjab. Then PMLN workers and leadership do not bear criticism and threaten media, although thet r ruling in one provimce yet and that also without majority, rather their govt is based on PMLQ Forward Block. Now, imagine what wud be the situation if they had federal govt in their hands. Despite powers under 18th amendment they did not build a single power house. Back in 1997 Nawaz cancelled massive 5000MW TharCoalPower in Sindh. They r responsible for this loadshedding.

  3. ppp and its allies are fully responsible for current situation included energy crisis. They have no intention to slove these problems.They are corrupt and incompetent and they have ruined all institutions of the country. Blaming PMLn for loadshedding is another shameless act of these bloodsuckers and enemies of common pakistanis. Zardari is biggest evil of today,s pakistan who has corrupted all allies to save his destructive rule,,,what a shame,,

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