Khan of Kalat disassociates himself from son


Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud Baloch has disassociated himself from his son Agha Mohammad Ahmadzai and declared that he had nothing to do with his participation in recent Pakistan Day’s celebrations and hoisting of Pakistan flag, adding that he had had no contact with his son for the last two years. He said this while talking to journalists over telephone from London on Saturday. Khan of Kalat dispelled the impression that his son either represented him or had his support for his participation in the official functions on Pakistan Day last week. He said neither anybody represented him nor he had any mouthpiece or spokesman.
He said he had no contact with his son Mohammad Ahmadzai for the last two years and whatever he did, he was responsible for and answerable himself. The Khan said his son had been under supervision of pro-government nawab, Mir Aali Bugti and his “family patron”, which was an open secret, adding that what Mohammad Ahmadzai did, he did on the direction of that “family patron”.


  1. Today's Statement of Khan Kalat slap on States face ! Khan kalat show his super attitude regarding to his nation. " moch sarmachar'ak ak kana maar O"………..

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