‘People to be associated with capital’s uplift plans’


The participation of the public would be ensured in the decision-making process to maximise the benefits of development projects in the federal capital while for early redress of complaints, the CDA has been asked to designate the focal persons in different areas of the city and in this regard around 553 complaints have been redressed out of the total 667 complaints received in one month.
This was stated by Prime Minister’s Task Force on Islamabad Chairman Faisal Sakhi Butt while talking to media here on Friday after attending different meetings with the delegations from the rural areas of the city.
Butt said that the government was committed to speedy development of the city in line with the proposals of the local residents to make it one of the progressive capitals of the world. He said that the prime minister of Pakistan had taken keen interest in the better upkeeping of the city and future development of the federal capital on modern lines. Talking to the delegations from Shah Allah Ditta, Tarnol, Sangjani and other rural areas, he said that rapid development would be ensured in the rural areas of the city to bring it at par with the sectoral areas. He said the development plan being carried out in the constituency of NA-48 would be focused to overcome the missing facilities and development activities in the areas. He said President Asif Ali Zardari had promoted the culture of reconciliation and hatred and discriminations had been buried in the political process. He added that education and health were the priority areas in the development process of rural Islamabad.