Malik ready for in-camera briefing on Karachi violence


Interior Minister Rehman Malik faced huge embarrassment in the House on Wednesday when parliamentarians from the PPP’s coalition partner – the Awami National Party – challenged his capability, saying he had done nothing to maintain law and order in the country and had rather “played smart” to prove his efficiency.
Malik was also reprimanded by National Assembly Speaker Fehmida Mirza when he tried to put the blame of the ongoing law and order in Karachi on delay in the passage of new Anti Terrorism Act. Speaking on a point of order, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Information Secretary Senator Mushahidullah Khan said his party’s worker was gunned down by the people who were enforcing others for a strike. “The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) workers have killed our workers,” Khan said, asking the interior minister to make efforts for the arrest of killers. Haider Abbas Rizvi from the MQM endorsed the views of the PML-N and reminded the minister that his party chief Altaf Hussain had given him a “blank cheque” to take an across-the-board action against criminals.
ANP’s Haji Adeel apprised the House that his party’s worker, Zainul Abideen was also killed during Wednesday’s strike.


  1. May Allah subhan a ta'la send this man to hell. He is liar and hypocrite. He is in the cabinet of PPP as a PP senator or whatever but his loyalties lie with MQM snf its supremo. His most of the time is spent on shielding, protecting and corrupting MQM thugs. He, with the connivance of Ishrat Ibad, is running a parallel government in Sindh. The CM and Home Minister just exist on papers. They have no courage to stand up and use their discretion. Shame on both the CM and Home Minister of Sindh.

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