Haqqani may seek political asylum in US


Anticipating an adverse decision from the apex court or the memo commission, former ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani is all set to seek political asylum in the US, it has been learnt reliably.
In case the memo commission issues arrest warrants for Haqqani after possible rejection by the Supreme Court of his request for recording his statement via video link from London or the memo commission gave an adverse finding of the probe, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US will immediately express no-confidence against the memo commission and apex court of the country and seek political asylum in the US, sources close to Haqqani told Pakistan Today. The sources, when asked about Haqqani’s return from the US for appearing before the memo commission, said: “Why would he jump into hell. He will not come to Pakistan and seek political asylum in the USA in case the commission issued his arrest warrants or gave an adverse finding,” adding that “it is as simple as that”. The sources said Haqqani would first try to record his statement from London and if allowed by the SC, he would feel no immediate problem. However, in case the memo commission issued arrest warrants to bring Haqqani back to Pakistan to attend the proceedings following the rejection of his request from the SC, Haqqani would prefer to stay in the US and apply for asylum.
The SC had allowed Haqqani to leave the country after he submitted an affidavit with the apex court that he would be available before the commission on a four-day notice. On the previous hearing, the commission rejected his application for recording his statement from London and directed him to appear before it on March 26 in Islamabad, but he did not come to Pakistan citing security concerns. Asked if Haqqani is anticipating an adverse decision from the memo commission, a close aide of Haqqani briefly replied, “The mood and attitude of the commission is very clear.” Haqqani has so far not surrendered his two Blackberry phone sets to the commission, saying they went missing when he left Washington in a hurry, nor did he disclose the PIN of the sets.
He has admitted some “undeniable” facts before the commission as his phone calls to and from Mansoor Ijaz – authenticated by the call log provided by Mansoor Ijaz – but denied the contents of the conversation that allegedly took place between the two characters of the memo controversy.
Haqqani has now declined to come to Pakistan, saying he felt threatened in Pakistan at the hands of security agencies connected with Ijaz. A 19-member bench of the Supreme Court will hear the petition filed by Husain Haqqani today (Thursday) seeking to record his statement via video link from London. The memo commission would take a course of action in the light of the decision of the apex court.


  1. What an absolute scum. These PPP corrupt officials will run away at the end & then come back when they feel the opportunity to steal again arises.

  2. This is confirmation of the fact this man is taritor and can do anything I mean anything to promote his interest. We wontbe surprised all this episode was financially beneficial for. I am sure he made a lot money out of all this.

  3. I blame the supreme court for allowing him out of the country. He's gone. So who's responsible? The judges won't accept the balme. They won't even render the verdict. They will just delay the trial for another day untill it gets closer to elections and then they will figure out which way the wind is blowing and go with that. I think we can all see the pattern here.

  4. I can't seem to post acomment at all. Censorship again PT? Anything against the judges and its blocked!!!!!

  5. I blame the supreme court for this. Will they be held accountable for letting this traitor out of the country? Probably not. Will anybody be held accountable? I seriously doubt it. SC judges are spineless and I really don't expect them to make any tough decisions. They will wait to see which way the wind is blowing before the decide anything.

    • He's a political appointee ambassador. He does what he's told to do. He has to take instructions or is discharged of his duties as ambassador. Maybe you can put your brain back on straight with the facts of life. Sue

  6. I blame the court for allowing him to leave the country in the first place. I wonder what they'll do about it? Probably nothing. They seem to be incapable of making hard decisions.

  7. Asma jahangir is a paid and confirmed CIA spy. She would come to the defense of a traitor in a heartbeat but this so called human rights lawyer had her lips sealed when waheeda shah slapped a teacher. When will the nation wake up and see thru these people that they are nothing but scum bags. I am starting to include the judges in this category 🙁

  8. True to CJ remark "No civil servant will be humiliated".He allowed this traitor to leave.Now who is the culprit?

  9. Haqqani had been covering his boss, Zardari, who earlier had tried to sneak him out against ECL, along with himself while on a run-off to Dubai,
    This time he was allowed after an explicit affidavit to return and report when required by court, and now when the picture are clearing up and the president is getting exposed he 'll prefer to keep aloof. Zardari, Gilani, Asma, Aitezaz and all like them are working on their personal agenda, which can be termed as treachery to nation.
    (I feel pained to include Asma and Aitezaz, as I had respected them for years, but supporting crocked nuisance like Zardari and his team seems strange. Why would Asma Jahangir come to the defense of a traitor and after campaigning as human rights lawyer, found her lips sealed when Waheeda Shah slapped a teacher. When will the nation wake up and see thru these people that they are nothing but scum bags. I am starting to include the judges in this category for their leniency on all NRO beneficiaries).

  10. Hussain Haqqani whose wife is a US national served as Pak Ambassador to Washington, where he served the American interest more than the national interest of Pakistan. He also served the individual power political interest of his boss. He has set the trend to seek political assylum in USA, which will be followed by the likes of Dy Chairman Planning Comm, Minister for Finance, Defense Minister, Minister for Petroleum etc who all have already acquired foreign immigration.

  11. Of course the US will welcome their pet Pakistani Ambassador.
    He did his job and now he gets paid. Probably have a house in Malibu and Condo in Florida and a Playboy Bunny house pass for life

    • Ambassador Haqqani will teach as he did before he was Ambassador. He is a highly respected scholar on the subject of Pakistan and that area of Asia. I'm sorry you don't like to hear what is wrong with Pakistan, or how it dates back many years, but unfortunately, his analysis is both accurate and cogent. Americans don't kill people who write critiques of this country either from the left or the right and there is much to write about here.

      • @Judith: I live not too far from BU. I think, you would have a hard time convincing this crowd. Not too many Pakistanis' knows about his BU chair. Not too many Pakistanis' know about the book he wrote. Not too many Pakistanis' know how much the military hates him (from day1) for writing that book. He is now the read meat for the crowd — courtesy: the Brass…

  12. Wow wow wow!! A thousand taps on the back of memo commission & supreme court of Pakistan who allowed this HARAMZADA to leave the country! What a shit!

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