The literacy rate in our country is not so good as compared to other developing countries of the world, although if a person can write his own name, he is considered as a literate person in Pakistan. The biggest reason of the downfall of any nation is the alarming increase in its illiteracy rate.

Illiteracy is the root cause of almost every problem today. It increases poverty due to less employment and also decreases the educational facilities due to lack of teachers and educated people. On the whole, because of illiteracy we are left behind in every aspect, economically, politically or educationally.

It also causes criminal activities as due to less awareness and education, people get involved in street crimes and various other criminal activities to keep up their living and necessities of life. Like this, illiteracy is the root of many other problems in this country.

I just want to address the government and the authorities and request them to please consider this issue seriously and take measures to increase the education and literacy rate in the benefit of Pakistan.




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