Names of hundreds of dead people in voters’ list of KPK


Large scale errors and omissions have been noticed in voters lists of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa complied by NADRA.
According to details, names of hundreds of dead people were in the lists. According to the record, 14 millions voters have been registered by NADRA and ECP in KP including 22,000 dead people. Around 535 deceased were included in voters’ lists of Union Council (UC) Tehkal of Peshawar only and situation in other areas was also not different. According to officials, NADRA did not seem interested to exclude the names of dead people from the voters’ lists and its officials said that the data was provided by the ECP on basis of which voters’ lists were compiled.
Voters’ lists have been displayed at 5,000 centres across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but large scale errors in names, other details of voters caused trouble for the people. Masses interest and desire for correction of data was at its peak and it had become a challenge for the ECP to satisfy voters. Mistakes in voters’ list had also put a question mark on performance of NADRA and ECP raised a debate among people that in presence of such voters’ lists whether transparency and fairness was possible during the next general elections.