NATO chopper intrudes into Khyber Agency | Pakistan Today

NATO chopper intrudes into Khyber Agency

A NATO helicopter once again violated Pakistani airspace in Khyber Agency near border with Afghanistan on Saturday, creating panic in the area.
Sources said the helicopter entered from Torkham side, and remained in the Pakistani airspace for 10 minutes before returning to Afghanistan.
The low-flying chopper created panic among the tribesmen living along the Pak-Afghan border.
This latest violation of Pakistani airspace by NATO forces comes a couple of days after a parliamentary committee, tasked to prepare recommendations to review terms of engagements with the US, put its recommendations before the joint sitting of the parliament.
Pakistan stopped supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan after NATO/ISAF aircraft attacked Pakistani border posts at Salala in Kurram Agency in the last week of November, 2011, and killed 24 troops. The parliamentary committee has demanded US apology over the incident as a precondition to revive engagement in the war on terror.

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