Tribal elders warn of besieging parliamentarians’ houses if NATO supplies restored


The elders of North Waziristan Agency (NWA) on Friday warned the current parliament against resuming NATO supplies, saying the tribesmen would besiege the parliamentarians’ houses if NATO supplies were restored.
The tribal elders, who were also the members of a grand jirga, said they would consider the parliamentarians as much responsible as the US for the killings of innocent tribesmen in drone attacks.
Malik Jalal, Malik Faridullah Kobalkhel and Malik Ghulam Khan, while addressing a press conference at Miranshah Press Club, expressed anger over the debate to restore NATO supplies.
“Just for earning few dollars, the pro-American rulers are selling the body parts of the martyred children, women and others,” the elders said, adding that the authorities should be ashamed of doing such business. They said the pro-American rulers were not only the enemies of the tribal people, but are also the enemies of the entire Muslim world.
“It is a very clear and obvious message from the tribal elders that the people living in the tribal belt will never welcome the restoration of NATO supplies,” the elders said, adding that the move would further fuel the hatred throughout the country against the rulers, and it would become difficult to control the enraged masses.
The elders also urged the tribal youth to get ready in order to besiege the residences of the parliamentarians, in case NATO supplies were restored.
Earlier on Friday, the tribesmen of NWA protested in front of the Parliament House against US drone strikes in the tribal belt, saying the US administration had made the tribal belt a laboratory for testing its weapons, while the local people were being considered toys by the Americans.
The protesters said the tribal people, especially the elders, were suffering from psychological disorders due to hovering US drones over the villages that could target everyone without hesitation.