SNF merges with PTI


After Nawaz Sharif failed to seal a deal with Sindh National Front (SNF) chief Mumtaz Bhutto, PTI Chairman Imran Khan contacted the latter to talk about SNF’s merger with Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaaf.
The SNF is considered a nationalist party with influence in various parts of Sindh. “Mumtaz Bhutto has put forward some conditions for merger with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, which were not accepted by the PML-N head,” insiders in both parties revealed.
“The PML-N has to accommodate some of points of SNF’s constitution besides authorising Bhutto to appoint office-bearers in Sindh. However, the PML-N due to its image as countrywide party rejected to accommodate SNF constitution points into its constitution.”
Mumtaz has constituted a committee of its party members to look into the matter. On the other side, Nawaz has also set up a committee comprising Senator Pervez Rasheed, Mamnoon Hussain, Saleem Zia, Ghaus Ali Shah and Imdad Chandio to continue talks with the nationalist party.
“Try to steal the chance, Imran Khan has contacted Bhutto and reiterated his offer to merge the SNF with the PTI,” the insiders said.
A crucial meeting regarding this matter is likely to be held between Imran and Mumtaz at the end of this month.


  1. Well done. Congratulations.

    PTI also needs key opinion leaders in Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtoon-khwa (KP).

  2. Thats good news. Imran Khan is the only and real hope for Pakistan and Pakistanis to bring a meaningful change. He is honest, educated, visionary, self made,liberal and one who can deliver.

    His time has come and Inshallah with him will come a better pakistan.

  3. Yes, this is very very very good NEWS in PTI very important… PTI is the best clean MASHALLAH…. We want PTI will biggest winner in next election INSHALLAH

  4. Very good. What Mumtaz Bhutto could not do in his entire political career; may perhaps do now for Pakistan, especially for people of Sindh. Being one of the most experienced and groomed one he must help Imran Khan build up a new Pakistan.


  5. Mumtaz Bhutto didn't manage to win single seat so far. Unlikely to make any difference.

    Heavy weights like Ameer Muqam (along with few setting MPs from Ameer Muqam Region), Liaqat Jatoi (along with 4 MPs), Arbab Ghulam Raheem & other prominent figures are all set to join PML-N.

    Liaqat Jatoi expected to announce his inclusion in PML-N on 26 March 2012

  6. Imran khan must be hyperactive in dealing with these parties to consolidate his position in the centre as he is the only hope that can get thios beloved county out of this chaos..God bless u Imran

  7. Mumtaz Bhutto does not command any following at all despite being a feudal. He can neither bring votes to PTI nor be a source of much talked about change by Imran. Collecting feudal zeros does not make sense.

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