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Nawaz and Zardari playing a fixed match, says Imran

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that Pakistan is in the grip of “two brothers” namely Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, who were playing a fixed match.
Addressing a public rally on Saturday, the cricket-legend turned politician said he was not struggling for any particular area, but fighting a battle for Pakistan in which he was facing “big crocodiles”. He said that unprecedented corruption took place during the last four years. “Neither the people are getting respect nor any loaf of bread,” Imran said, while criticising the present government.“The inflation has broken the people’s back, and the rulers are leading lavish lives at the expense of the poor people. The price of electricity has reached so high that the industries are going to shut down, and even a farmer cannot install a tube well. People are dying of hunger, while the rulers on the other hand are seeing nothing except their personal interests. All trains have been closed, but only ‘Samjotha express’ is plying,” Imran said in his tirade against the government. He said all the corrupt people together would not be able to prevent the tsunami of the people. “The PTI would not bow before anyone. It would bring change in Pakistan and turn it into a country which Quaid-e-Azam had envisioned,” Imran said. He said the PTI would provide special relief to the farmers after coming into power.

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  1. Atif Abbas said:

    not now, but i and you will believe this firmly after some years when there will be four or five more bangladeshes of pakistan by these two… mr admin

  2. Mohsin said:

    The more I see this man, the more I admire him. Kiya baat hai Imran Khan ki….

  3. h. hassan said:

    Imran Khan is a honest man. Inshalla Allah PTI will bring the much needed change to this country and free it from this corrupt leaders.

  4. amjad said:

    PTI troll goes in full swing, worst kind of fascists
    Deja vu of Nazi Germany

  5. Beatle said:

    Fed up with the same statement again and again. Talk something serious now. Declare your manifesto and explain you plan of action. Show some tangible difference between you and your opponents.

  6. Pakistani said:

    There are more than one 'Pillars' involved in this fixed game.No wonder we dont' see any decisions coming and any solutions to the problems.There is no urgency whatsoever.Presidency will be the bone of contention for all of them.

  7. Fixed1x2 said:


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