PTI hires Ibrahim as strategic advisor


In a bid to develop Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf a party ready to govern the country, PTI chief Imran Khan, has appointed Dr Azeem Ibrahim as his strategic policy adviser.
Ibrahim’s main task will be to devise policies which can be implemented as soon as Khan takes office, it said.
Born in Scotland, Dr Ibrahim, a PhD from Cambridge University, was named as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2009 by the LSDP European Social Think Tank. He has been advising leaders worldwide for last 10 years.
Imran Khan expressed his delight over the appointment saying it is welcoming to have someone with Azeem’s experience at the heart of our operation.
Azeem, also a Fellow and Member of the Board of Directors at the Institute for Social Policy Understanding said he felt pleasant to be given this opportunity to serve the next Prime Minister of Pakistan.


  1. Good Luck Mr. Khan… Even now it looks next to impossible that you win more than 5 seats. You will have to study in depth each and every zone (Halqa) for both National and Provincial assemblies.

    • as if the present lot especially PPP / PML N hv studied their " halqas ". If they wud hv studied them this country & its people wud hv been served well.

  2. PTI Energy Policy, nexct month Economy and Local Govt. policy and this step. The work which need to be fone by PML-N is doing by PTI. Good work

  3. Imran khan will deliver insha ALLAH. now a days media trial of PTI in underway and we condemn this act of media. Y dont media ask PML and PPP about their party structure and rifts inside these parties

  4. what a breath of fresh air for Imran. Let us hope he can deliver the right goods. For the strategy to be effective we need good tactics. Let us start with them first.

  5. whatever… what PTI needs more than these brilliant minds … is people who can restrict these geniuses to virtue and goodness.. brilliant mind working in the wrong direction is far more dangerous than any monster.. !

  6. aur jawanoo .. drawing room mai bethay emotional judgements na banaoo … you have no idea what ground reality of these ppl (PTI is inducting) is… some are good .. ,but many are worst than the current .. there aint much of a difference…

  7. Simple control the generals…the mullas and ideological wolves…things will come back to immediate normal and then get a strong Pakistan……

  8. pakistan can not move an inch forward untilit first get rid of mullah,who has succesfully block the concept of a nation from day one. we are every thing like pujabi,pathan,sindhi,baluchi,muhajir,deobandi,brylvi,shia,mirzai etc,etc but no one own pakistaniat thanks to one aske these mullahs that if pakistan was created for your nefarious designs,why were you was against Quid Azam and Muslim league,you was sitting on the laps of Nehru and Ghandi.come on Imran take on these Mullahs and give us our pakistan of at least of 50,s or 60,s

  9. The 1st advice should be on how to convert the scattered votes into winning seats, which in turn would allow PTI to implement their new Pakistan vision. Seat adjustment with PML N can ensure their success. Their adviser needs to chalk out a strategy on this 1st advice.

  10. good mile stone …………….but not last one
    go for more achievements Allah bless on them who want build a New Pakistan

  11. Appoint a big crimal and he will solve all the ills of pakistan. Here everybody is corrupt from top to buttom. Ameez will fail and regret this job 🙂

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