Parliamentary review a success for democracy: Sherry


Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Sherry Rehman has termed the parliamentary review process as a success for democracy and remarked that all the institutions in Pakistan are speaking with “one voice”.
Speaking to the media in Washington DC, Ambassador Rehman said that these decisions were not made in closed doors session. She added that the opposition had asked for more time to look at the recommendations, and that debate would begin on it next Monday.
She added that Pakistan does not want to fight with the US, and wants friendly relations with everyone.
The Pakistani Ambassador welcomed the statements by the US in response to the parliamentary review and added that while there have been no bilateral visits between leaders in Pakistan and the US, they had held meetings on the sidelines of major conferences.
Ambassador Rehman said she expected that the process would end by late March or early April, but they would wait for the parliament to complete its process.
Rehman said that Pakistan has always said that they want relations with the US to be based on mutual respect and that the parliament would not tolerate any attacks on Pakistan’s sovereignty.