All slaughtering to be done at meat complex


Lahore Meat Complex will resume slaughtering of animals after two weekly holidays an official said on Tuesday 20th March, and the administration has advised the butchers’ community to bring their animals to the complex without any fear.
Administration of the meat complex has assured the butchers’ community that they would be given full protection if they bring their animals to the complex which is built by the government to ensure slaughtering hygienically and providing disease free meat to the citizen of Lahore.
A spokesman of the company, in a statement issued on Tuesday said that certain quarters were trying to paint this step of the government taken in the larger interest of the citizens as political scoring.
Haji Nawab, a representative of the butchers’ community has alleged that the butchers were receiving threats from different quarters aimed at stopping them from taking their animals to the complex for slaughtering. However, he vowed not to surrender before such threats in the interest of his own community.


  1. i'm riaz ahmed ….i do relates with butcher community…jb hm qurbani start krtyu han tu hm sb sa pehly takbeer parhty han phr gardan ka haram magz katty han….us k bad hm sans ki nali k sath shahrag kat k blood nikalty han…is sy body ka sara blood waste ho jata ha…..but is project ma takbeer k bad ap logo ny gardan ka manka nae kata or shahrag sa khoon nae nikala ….or is ki wja sa meat ka clor dead animal k meat ki tarha ho jata ha jo k butcher community ka na kabil-kabool ha… k elawa b buht c khamiya han ….In short we are not satisfy from this project

  2. hm chahty han k qurbani hmary samny ho nd hm khud qurbani karen ku k hmara janwar takreebn 50,000 sa onward ki maliyat ka hota ha bt machine ma qurbani sa us ki bones dimage ho jati han or js wja sa hmara kafi loss hoa ha….nd us k jo inner part hoty han wo shopping bag ma dalny ki wja sa hrab ho jaty han…..or selling point pr puhnch kr useless ho jaty han…is ma butcher ka buht loss hota ha….ap ak animal pa maximum one hour spend krty han bt old slaughter house may 2 hourz ma 500 animals zibha ho jaty han….or her part sath sath save kr liya jata ha…jo k new slaughter house may nae hota…

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