Enough of these strikes


Strikes have become the order of the day in our city. There are many disadvantages and dangers connected with them. A strike in one department of life disturbs work in all departments and all sorts of business. It brings much inconvenience and hardship to all concerned. Especially in a city like Karachi, where strikes are violent and practices such as stoning, arson and firing are common, many people lose their lives and suffer injuries as a result of these strikes. Not only is their direct loss to people properties but they also lead to indirect losses by adversely affecting people’s businesses and trade activities.

What do political parties think? Will mafias stop their activities because of these strikes? Will they back off? These strikes do not serve the purpose and are not the best way to protest something. There are other better avenues to register one’s protest. A single-day strike causes losses of millions of rupees and further pressurise an already ailing economy. The government should issue a code of conduct regarding the holding of these strikes and regulate and/or curtail this practice.