Electricity shortfall rises to 5,800MW


The electricity shortfall in the country has risen to 5,800MWs. According to PEPCO sources, presently 7,500MWs of electricity were being generated while the demand had soared to 13,300MW. The shortfall in generation, according to the sources, was due to shortage of water at the two main hydel power stations of Tarbela and Mangla where it had reached the dead level. Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala and other cities in Punjab are experiencing 13 hours of load shedding, while the duration was almost 19 hours in rural areas. Sources in PEPCO said in these last few days, the power demand during working days remained at more than 12,500MW while on Sunday, it came down
to 10,500MW-11,000MW.


  1. THIS IS one of the signs of a Failed STATE. This is not supposed to happen in this century any where in the. World is moving forward and Pakistan is declining towards STONE age.

  2. A political leadership with personal priorities brings such troubles for the nation.An ungrateful and uneducated nation with blind faith deserves this and more.I am referring to ZA Bhutto and his daughter and his son in law. Out of personal venom against a benevolent leader Ayub Khan both Bhutto and daughter destroyed what was built by The Great Ayub Khan.We remember Mangla and Terbela and we do not talk who built these.Allah gave us water we do not deserve.So now pay back time.

  3. can some paste here link or reference of any newspaper because i want to use it as a information in my project

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