Clerics slam removal of Islamic teachings from syllabus


Criticising the removal of jihadi material from syllabus and replacement of the lesson, The Holy Prophet, with ‘Three Days to See’, heads of various seminaries called it a deviation from the path of Islam. “The rulers, in fact want to enforce secularism and the removal of jihadi verses and replacement the Holy Prophet’s lesson is a first step towards an anti-Islamic system,” they said while addressing a news conference on Monday. Those who spoke included Pir Mohammad Chishti, Maulana Abdul Barq, Maulana Ataur Rahman, Maulana Dr Altafur Rahman, Allama Abid Hussain Shakari, Maulana Yousaf Qureshi, Maulana Ghulamur Rahman and Maulana Abdul Chitrali. “Those who shared their ideas regarding the new syllabus and replaced the Prophet’s lesson with a non-muslim writer’s lesson committed Kufr,” they decreed.
The also slammed the removal of two other lessons, the ‘Voice of God” with “Giant Man” and “Hazrat Omar” with Quaid-e-Azam. They said Pakistan had been brought into existence in the name of Islam, but the government had erased the lessons and Quranic verses from class 9 and 10 syllabuses and showcased their un-Islamic thoughts to appease America. Criticising the rulers for being pro-US, they said they were ineligible to rule a Muslim country. “The rulers want Islam but per their wishes, not according to the command of Allah and His Prophet,” they blamed. “Cruelty and brutality has crossed all limits and for a few dollars, Muslims are being killed,” Maulana Yousaf Qureshi said, predicting a bloody revolution. They speakers said, “A conspiracy against Islam is being hatched while the rulers are helping conspirators in this regard for money.” “We will not allow our youth to be misguided by secularists,” they said. They demanded the government restore Islamic verses in the syllabus and lessons of Islamic stories, otherwise a big protest demonstration of Islamists would be held in Peshawar and a movement against the ANP-led government would be initiated from March 25.


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