Chicken prices come down to normal


The prices of chicken decreased in the Sunday bazaars while the prices of fruits and vegetables remained stable.
The prices of chicken have seen a sharp increase over the last one and half month and it touched Rs 230-240 per kg level but it started decreasing and this week it came at the level of Rs 180-185 per kg. The stakeholders said the prices would decrease further in the coming days, as the farms had good stocks of chicken. Last Sunday, the price of chicken meat was Rs 200 per kg and this week it came down to Rs 185 per kg. “Our sales have improved with drop in chicken prices,” said a chicken seller Abdul Jabbar.
At the same time, the prices of vegetables remained almost stable. The prices of ginger, potatoes, green chillies, lemon and onion remained stable. Ginger was sold for Rs 70 per kg, green chillies for Rs 50 per kg, potatoes for Rs 15 per kg, lemon and onions for Rs 45 and Rs 35 per kg. The prices of apples remained Rs 100-150 per kg while the bananas were available for Rs 55 per dozen.