PPP to be expelled from Lahore in next elections: Pervez Malik


Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) MNA and district president of the party Pervez Malik has said that Pakistan People Party (PPP) would be expelled out of Lahore during next general election.
Addressing a public gathering in Shah Jamal area of Lahore on Sunday, Pervez Malik said that PPP due to its misdeeds during last four years has lost credibility among the masses and they no more wanted to see PPP in power.
He said that tall claims of facilitating the masses with basic needs of life fell flat and instead it deprived the countrymen of “Roti, Kaprra and Makan” against its manifesto.
Pervez Malik said that anti-masses agendas of PPP have put the survival of the masses at stake.
He blamed that due to poor governance, poverty, unemployment and insecurity touched their peaks in country’s history and masses were left with no option but to get rid of miseries inflicted by PPP.


  1. PML(N) – stupid- not PPP will be expelled from Lahore. PTI is to clean sweep next elections. People are just sick of political "slavery" of one family, whose each and every single member is involved in tax evasion and massive corruption. People want change. They want new leadership to emerge. And , fortunately, it has. For the first time in the history of Pakistan; after Qauide Azam; Imran is the only one with no Industralist or landlord bacground., whom Pakistani nation have rightly trusted. Imran Khan at present is most popular leader and PTI is most popular political party.


  2. As much as zardari and gillani are to be blamed for the troubles of the country, the parliament is also to be blamed. They are the ones who (supposedly) hold real power. They have the power to pass legislation and laws to force the govt. to take steps in the right direction but unfortunately 90 percent of them can't even spell parliament. We are a democracy not a dictatorship which means parliament holds the power not the president. Unfortunately, MNA loyalties are with the party not the nation. Untill we change the mindset of MNA"s we will not make progress.

  3. سیاستدانوں کے بارے میں یہی عرض کرنا چاہوں گا کہ

    س سیاستداناں نو ںدے دے موت ربّا
    کوئی سیاستدان نہ روے اِس جہان اندر
    سو صبح مرے سو شامی مرے
    میلہ لگا روے قبرستان اندر

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