Strikes in Karachi


Karachi is the financial hub of Pakistan. Strikes here are affecting not only the economy of our country but they also paralyse social activities of the country. The most horrible act is that of setting on fire public transport and property to ensure the success of strike.

A city from where 80 percent of exports of various products are made and which generates about 70 percent of the country’s total revenue should not be left at the mercy of political groups. The Sindh government is doing nothing to ensure a peaceful businesses environment for a better economy.

The industrial zone had to suffer a loss of Rs 350 million to Rs 400 million on account of strikes alone. The situation should be handled with responsibility and strikes to paralyse the whole city by threatening and damaging public property should be accounted as a crime and the political parties or anyone who called for strike should be held responsibility for it.




  1. Some people just want to make already miserable life of poor people more problematic. Ask the mother whose child cries for milk and couldn’t get due to strike, ask sick person who couldn’t get medical aid due to strike, ask student who can’t reach school/college due to unavailability of transport, ask poor citizen who couldn’t get food for their children because he earns on daily wedges.

    This is called "Pyya Jam"

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