Punjab fast becoming investment hub of region: Ibrahim Qureshi


President Business Forum Punjab Ibrahim Qureshi has said Punjab is fast turning into investment hub of the region due to visionary leadership of the province. He lauded efforts of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for his tireless efforts, bearing fruits in the shape of keen interest by Turkey, Oman and other countries. According to him, the government of Turkey has recently gifted 100 trucks for waste management speaks volumes about the leadership skills of Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. He said the Chief Minister Punjab is making further efforts to attract investment in areas like agriculture, livestock and energy besides information technology.
According to him, Punjab is passing through severe electricity crisis but still the pace of infrastructure development in the province would prove fruitful once the energy crisis is over and investment inflow. Ibrahim said the Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) sector in Punjab is facing acute power supply constraints and therefore the provincial government is coming with opportunities in alternative fields for investors, which is a healthy sign for country’s economy. He said the government of Punjab was trying its best to overcome the energy shortages but it will take some time, as it is not possible without a cohesive approach of the provincial as well as federal government.