Russia not to send troops to Afghanistan


Russia has said it is not going to replace NATO in Afghanistan after the alliance forces‘ withdrawal from the country.
The US and NATO forces are scheduled to hand over security responsibility to the Afghan forces and end combat mission by 2014.
Speaking to Russia Today TV channel , Russian envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov, said: “I am absolutely convinced that Russia is clearly not prepared to go to Afghanistan …”
“I think the US and NATO will now think twice whether they need to send their troops to Afghanistan,” he said.
“It looks like the Americans have been losing the war and they failed to find a right strategy to prevent the country’s sliding into chaos. If they will not find a solution shortly, the result could be tragic,” the envoy said.
Meanwhile, the envoy said Russia was ready to assist NATO and the US in stabilising military situation in Afghanistan and having a hand in the country’s economic development.
“Only development of the country could stabilise internal situation there. In that event, Taliban fighters would reintegrate themselves into a peaceful life,” Kabulov said.