Haqqni has only one opportunity for survival: Mansoor | Pakistan Today

Haqqni has only one opportunity for survival: Mansoor

Mansoor Ijaz has said that Hussain Haqqani has no evidence against him except accusations.
Memogate has informed the people of Pakistan about facts regarding national politics while Hussain Haqqani has only one way to survival, he added.
Talking to journalists in front of Pakistani High Commission in London, Mansoor Ijaz said that Pakistan judiciary was playing an important role for the rights of people.
He said he had enough evidence against Hussain Haqqani as he had been in touch with Haqqani by Blackberry which might have bundle of secrets. Some forces were trying to keep these secrets hidden from the eyes of the nation, he said.

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  1. Sajid Hurmaz said:

    i’dn like to say tht Hussain is an angle revealed from the sky bt even then he can do such a big crime even tht someone else has ever done in histroy,,,
    as for as mansoor is concernd so i think tht he is an important acter of Jewish lobby buzy to spread lot more conspiracies against pakistan and muslims all around the world,,,,,,,

  2. Umna Ishfaq Taj said:

    mansoor ijaz has been proven a liar and a misguider late bk when benazir bhutto was alive and today again he is just a hit man by america who wants to break Pakistan and play around and in attempt to keeping the Pakistani spirits down. they say it right a nation is broken when they start doubting each other and believing outsiders. Stay firm Pakistan.

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