Younas Habib wants his money back


Former Mehran Bank chairman Younas Habib has filed a petition in the Supreme Court demanding reimbursement of his (Mehran Bank’s) money, lavished on politicians.
During hearing of the Asghar Khan case by a 3-member bench headed by CJP, Younas Habib submitted an affidavit based on the statements of former generals Aslam Baig and Asad Durrani, in which he prayed that a lump sum of amount was paid to political parties in 1990 to prevent PPP’s way from power.
The attorney general informed the apex court that nothing was classified in what was earlier touted as ‘classified statements’ by generals, Naseerullah Babar, Mirza Aslam Baig and Asad Durrani.
The Supreme Court also announced that an appropriate order would be passed regarding making these ‘classified statements’ public at an appropriate time, during the next hearing of the case.
On the occasion, the CJP remarked that while the accused/imprudent ones were being mercilessly rebuked, national interest should also be taken into account.
Quoting a newspaper item of 2009, regarding a covert plan to topple the Punjab government, the court asked the AG to pay attention to its contents, which claimed that a massive sum had been squeezed out of Intelligence Bureau’s (IB) secret fund to finance the downfall of Punjab government.
When the court demanded a reaction, Salman Raja advocate agreed that nobody was clean in this game, however, interference of civilian/military institutions was two separate issues.
Justice Khilji remarked, “An abuse is an abuse, regardless of its size.”
The CJP, while taking notice of cropping up of IB’s name in the case, asked the AG to recommend ways to end the interference of intelligence agencies in national politics.
The court also issued notices to the newspaper’s administration over its news items regarding IB, while the CJP expressing his faith in goodness of former IB head Shaoib Suddal, said that he would tell the truth if summoned.
Meanwhile, accepting the petition of Younas Habib, regarding reimbursement of Mehran Bank’s money, doled out to politicians, the Supreme Court has issued notices to all relevant parties in the case, while Asad Durrani has also been declared a party to the case.